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Safelists and Traffic Exchanges are a good way to get the word out and best of all they are free



A safelist is an internet advertising venue that allows a marketer to send promotion emails to recipients without the accusation of engaging in spam, hence the term "safelist". All safelist members agree to terms of service that allow them to send and receive advertising email. Participants benefit from exposure to ad readers ranging from as little as 200 up to as many as 10,000 with each submission.

Warning: safelist members must have the capacity to receive emails from other marketers therefore a Google Gmail account is recommended. Safelist email readers can earn extra credits from clicking on special credit links within some emails. In addition, Safelists vary with regard to extras such as solo ads, banners, etc. Once you accumulate membership in a number of safelists, you will want to market strategically. A great tool to coordinate your safelist promotions is Viral Mail Profits which will schedule your mailings as well as track your results.


a traffic exchange is a hosted website service which allows both marketers and shoppers to view a series of websites. Traffic Exchange members view websites and earn credits for doing so. These credits impact the number of times each members own website might be viewed by shoppers and other marketers.

In this process participation earns traffic in "exchange" for bringing traffic to another participant. Traffic Exchanges vary greatly in terms of how many seconds a website must be viewed to earn credits, bonuses, free banners, rotators and other extras. Random traffic exchange marketing is not nearly as efficient as strategically monitoring your advertising credits. TE Command Post is the best resource for that purpose.




Below are the most popular Safelists on the internet today. All are free to join. Simply click on the safelist name and join when taken to the home page -





Below are the best Traffic Exchanges  on the internet today. All are free to join. Simply click on the name below and join when taken to the home page -




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