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OneTimeOffer Script


Ever notice how the successful marketers use

One-Time-Offers when they participate in giveaways? They arent just list building theyre getting spontaneous Sales. You can do it to with out tech-nerd skills or using up bandwith on your own server. Amazingly, this tool is free!

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Jim Daniels Work-at-Home Plan

Grab your free copy of the New Age Work-at-Home Plan contains ten simple steps to financial independence. A short path to learning and earning from a true internet marketing pioneer Jim Daniels

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Membership Millionairs Marketing Tips 3 Part Series 

You've probably figured out the importance of residuale income toward internet business survival. One way to consistent internet income is through the operation of a membership site where members pay a monthly fee for the benefits you offer.  Want to get the ins and outs of membership site development & operation? If so grab the three free ebooks below:

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List Building Exposed

What would this page be without providing some assistance on the crucial task of list building. There are steady techniques that every body knows about and there secrets exposed in this ebook.

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Easy ClickBank Cash

If you continue to market on the internet, sooner or latter you will want to exploit the income opportunities through ClickBank.  This ebook shows you how to profit using this powerful internet player -

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30 Days to Create a Product

Discover The Proven Exact Procedure You Can Copy To Create Your Own Product In
Only 30 Days!" In the early days of internet marketing we promoted the hell out of other proples affiliate products. Theres some merit to that approach, but I know what you really want and thats to pocket 100% of the profits, right. Learn to do just hat with this free ebook.

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Six Steps to 6 Figures with List Marketing

Some  call this universal system the "List P.R.O.F.I.T. System because It has been used  SUCCESSFULLY since August 2000).
There are six steps in the system and - if you master them - you CAN easily make
six figures online with nothing but your list. Learn the true link for the words traffic and list.  

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Stealth Newsletter 

If you are a mailing list owner, you do not have make money from your own product. You can sell advertising or craft a joint Venture with product owners in return for commissions, Thats just some of the tips in this free stealth newsletter pdf. 

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Step By Step Guide on How to Take Advantage of The Freebies on This Page

Step One: To grab your free software simply subscribe to the How2 Ezine You will receive the hotlinks to your free software after you confirm your subscription.


The How2 Ezine captures the wisdom of the internet guru veterans, while tapping into the new wave of strategies and techniques used by todays internet juggernaughts.



ListWire - Free Autoresponders
click here for your free autoresponder

Step Two - Develop a tentataive plan of how you will use the tools and resources then download them to appropriately named folders on your hard drive. Prioritize your goals, is it traffic, list building,. branding, what ever, assemble your resources in folders that reflect your intended use of the software, ebooks or tutorials.

Step Three -  Next, accumulate the service providers and affiliates  in a database of login websites, Usernames and Passwords. Here is where your free Affiliate ID Software comes in, it will refine those generalities and take it further.

Step Four - Assemble the marketing tools and graphics associated wth your downloads and promotion strategy.

Step Five - Identify the top prospects to target for promotion efforts. Hone in a little on their profile, their wants and needs. Refine your strategy accordingly.

Step Six - Apply for authorization to use services that perform financial transactions over the internet. Below are some of the most common you will encounter or be expected to use


  The Premier Internet Transaction Service


Safepay Solutions:

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Step Seven - You now posses ebooks with resell rights, software you can brand and sell as your own , perhaps even some tutorials and adios you can offer. Decide where you wil  advertise thes eproducts at. Identify the top venues in which to promote your products or services.

Here are some suggestions and a couple of reputable referrals for each venue:



 My Favorite Safelist-Join Free


 Reach huge volumes with this Safelist

Classified Ads

The Classified Hub

 Place ads free here

U.S. FreeAds

 Post free classifieds here


Traffic Exchanges


 Many a prospect is found here - Join Free


 This Traffic Exhange is also loaded with extras - Join Free




 An old reliable ezine, the name says it all


 Another veteran ezine with lots of reach


Pay Per Click


Yahoo PayPerClick

 Pay Per Click for seasoned pros

Autoresponder Service


AutoResponder Service

Get Response

 Superior auto responder services - join free

Social Networks

Both of these that follow are like twitter but monitized


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Viral Network

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JV Giveaway Secrets 

This would normally set you back at least $97 but You can get the audio of Jason Dinner and Mark Mazella revealing the secrets of conducting profitable joint venture giveaways. With this info, you too can be a major player

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You may not have known this but, I�m so jealous of you. Why? Because it took me years to accumulate the lil internet knowledge I have came via expensive seminars and ebooks, while you can now get free internet tutorials. Unlock every technical and marketing how-to secret, then turn around and market them for profit.

Free Internet How-to Tutorials,


This site delivers multiple ways to get free leads. Free ads, free widgets for your blog, plus ways to Earn credits all in one place.  

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Link Referral 

Which is better, having prospects multi-task while the timer runs on your traffic exchange ad page or having prospects visit AND review your site? I think you know the answer. Get true quality traffic here


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CB Top Affiliate Program


Want your own FREE Clickbank Portal with the best rotating,  infoproducts, Unlimited URL rotators, banner rotators, link trackers and strong viral system to skyrocket your affiliate commissions. Show all of Clickbanks inventory. Niche prospects

find what they want from your catalog. Bonus, earn money from 2 tier affiliate efforts.

See it to believe it.

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Traffic Zipper


The secret to internet success is duplication done

efficiently. This self contained downline builder

lets you manage 15 income streams in the time it

would take to manage one. Or to put it another way how much traffic could you generate if there were 15 of you?

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TE Toolbox


This is a one-stop-shop for traffic exchange, ad

exchange, safelist, website and banner rotator plus

a viral list builder. You will see your efficiency

increase dramatically once you harness the features

available for free.

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Viral Ad Store


 This isn't just any ordinary list builder. VAS is jam packed full of super cool features  -  You can mail your downline 10 levels deep You earn bonus credits for viewing ads and referring new members.

You can win the Daily Jackpot Email and win a random prize. If one of your referrals wins, then you do as well.

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Resell Rights Mastery


If you have to (and you should) be a member of

A resell rights membership program go with a

Master. Im talking about Edmund Loh. His

Gold Membership gives access to a huge library

of ebooks & software you can sell for 100% of

the profits!

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