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First thing's first. You should identify your skills. This is
your ticket to get that job and you should be able to articulate
your abilities and expertise as best as you can. Many people
have a hard time telling their skills and abilities as this may
seem to be bragging. But you should not be shy or afraid to
discuss your skills. In fact, it is important that you convey
to your potential employer what your talents are.

You should be able to sell your abilities to your employer.

That is how you will get the job that you want. It is important that you don't
appear arrogant or condescending but you should also avoid
selling yourself short. If the interviewer asks you about your
strengths or what separates you from the other applicants, you
should be able to readily give a good answer. But before you
even go to the interview part, your resume should highlight
your skills and talents for your prospective employer to see.

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Type of skills

There are two main types of skills, hard skills and soft skills.
Hard skills are tangible in the sense that these are things that
you do like: knowing how to operate different kinds of machinery,
knowledge of a specialized computer program, ability to type fast,
skills on using many types of tools, credentials regarding special
crafts, etc. Soft skills are skills that are rather abstract in
nature like personal qualities. This may include the folowing:
being a good team player, having the ability to work on your own,
being enthusiastic or organized and decisive.

The steps to follow

Making a list of your previous jobs and experience acquired

First thing to do is to make a list of all the companies that you
had worked for and the things that you learned from these jobs.
There will be a lot of things to list and you should be careful
enough not to forget even the smallest things or activities that
you were part of or organized. It is also a good idea to list the
volunteer activities that you participated in.

Deciding what career you want

After listing all your skills and all the things that you do well,
you may now decide what field or career you want to take a crack
at. Select the skills contained from your list and partner it
with the employment you are seeking. Always take time to consider
if your skills are relevant to the job that you are aspiring for.
Don't be bothered if you have to cut out some of the skills from
your list. It is also important to include in the list your
skills that the prospective employer will probably value.

Justify your claims

You should be realistic about your skills and the level of
expertise that you have with it. For example, if you indicate that
you are a very organized person, then you should be able to show
this to the interviewer by being able to organize your thoughts and
effectively use the time that was given for your interview.

It is important to know your skills every time you are job hunting.
Always put your best foot forward. 


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